Whether it’s a flicker of light cast on a face or a speckle of colour tickling another, North Shore artist Julie Fox finds creating art exhilarating. A graduate of Emily Carr, Julie’s early watercolours share meaning through whimsical designs, fine detail, and a harmonic use of colour.

about julie

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After raising three children and creating illustrations for private commissions and community events, Julie is delving into new dimensions of her artwork. She explored abstract painting and admits it was uncomfortable at first, but it stretched her creativity, offered a fresh perspective and an opportunity to view challenges through a different lens.


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Today, Julie is embracing the versality of acrylics and mixed media. Experimenting in the new medium is creating room for Julie to dig deeper into her sense of self, drawing inspiration from the things she values the most. 

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Surrounded by the ocean, mountains, and forests, Julie is inspired by all aspects of nature. As she nurtures her imagination, Julie embraces the fresh challenges and creations that follow. 


Art and life

current work

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“Bear Necessities” -  36" x 48" mixed media   



mixed media


public art

I hope you enjoy my portfolio. It’s here to give you a glimpse of my work — current and past.
New paintings will be available for purchase soon! 

artist statement

It was watercolour that first captured me. Now it’s the dynamism of acrylic painting. I am playing somewhere in the middle – in the colourful area between figurative and abstract. My work is shifting, as I combine the softness of watercolour with the bold strength of acrylics, working toward a loose impressionist style of painting that leaves much to the imagination of the viewer. My love for nature, my passion for our planet is my focus. A sense of whimsy, and a harmonic use of colour will remain constant as I explore this complex world of nature.

julie fox